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03 Feb 2014

Code-keeping: Google App Engine Setup

So, I am not able to upload the sensordb application to my appspot because Google App Engine is not recoginizing my login? Not sure what to make of that. The app.yml file is configured correct, with "application: myAppName". The application runs on my local host post, though. Confident that it is a configuration error that will be resolved during class or office hours.

Listening Tour

This listening experience uses the distance between people to control the light within a room. The further people are away from each, the brighter the light. And so, it also works that the fewer people in the room, the brighter the light. To effect the room, the person need only to stand.

Inspiration: Jamie Zigelbaum's Pixel, "an interactive light installation activated by human touch".

Manuel Lima's Eyeo Festival talk; Lima proposes that networks have emerged as the dominant way of organizing and viewing the natural and man-made world.

The Narcissister, a performance artist whose identity is at once dominant and defined yet always in the act of becoming.

Guiding Thoughts: I'm really attracted the tension between the body and the network.

On "The case of scultping atmospheres" by P. Ross & D. Keyson

Map and relate human expressiveness to physical interaction possibilities

The information must be acquired without any effort exterted by the user/experiencer/person outside of the established ritual. In a chairless room, people usually stand unless directed that they can sit.

Four parameters to build an interactive atmosphere:

"Understand what a person may wish to express via the interface, given common descriptive dimensions."

"Devise a model that allows a computational system to describe the human expressiveness."

"Design physical interaction possibilities that allow a person to express the relevant expressive dimensions."

"Design a model to interpret the expressive behaviour elicited by the physical device."

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