Eric Rosenthal Lecture

08 Oct 2014

Carbidenow.com a place for used bits. Price ~$45. Guy runs it his name is Marty

They are working on adjusting the software on the Roland to accept not only end-mill bits.

Three types of bits we need to use - 1/64 carbide bit - Another bit from Goldmine, for drilling - 1/16 end-mill bits are cheap about ~$4/$5 dollars

Heat build causes the carbide to weaken and break

There is an ongoing research project to use a ULP to extend the life of the bits

M&M Tools, only on eBay

PCB stock, - 1oz material - you can specify the size or thickness of the board - ER likes .031 (?) - Flexible is double sided, you can wrap it around your wrist. You cannot mill it though. - there are companies that make flexible boards - but you need to know what parts, surface mounts only

DigiKey for: - ICs - resistors - capacitors

MPJA for surplus parts Goldmine Herback and Rademan for motors Mendelsons Skycraft Pololu for sensors like optical sensors Solarbotics gear reduced motors (meaning for a small motor you get a lot of torque) RobotShop Grainger for sales on hardware McMasterCarr Element14 Norque SurplusShed for lens Small value capacitors like .1uF ==> ceramic Electrolytic capacitors like 1uF ==> aluminium - at least double your voltage value: LilyTiny can run on 3V so 6V cap. - tolerance with capacitors are not really an issue with the work we're doing at ITP, of course this might be different when making a board for a microcontroller

Use the customer reference to keep track of parts for projects

0603 is the size of capacitors that are at ITP. A 0402 is much smaller Digireels of Surface Mount parts are for professional boards. For prototyping just chose between Cut Tape and Reel

When you want to make 100 boards

Express PCB - based in China - there is no expected date of arrival

Seeed Studio - both places wait until they get a certain number of orders to cut the boards and then send them out

Advanced Circuits - for the best quality boards

4pcb.com - freeDFM - send them your file to make sure you don't have any errors

5% tolerance with resistors at ITP

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