Final Circuit

16 Oct 2014

Final Circuit

I soldered the components to the final version of my Decide-O-Matic board:

Unfortunately, one of the legs of the chip ripped off when I was taking it out of the socket. So it does not work.

The above the is schematic I am still working on for a surface mount version of the Anode Arduino board.


My goals for this class was to learn circuit design techniques and to learn how to read a schematic. I wish I had started learning about AVR programming at the very beginning of the course instead towards the middle. I did not want to become overwhelmed on programming the chip instead of focusing on using Eagle.


The board I am most proud of is my through-hole LilyTiny:

It is round one on the left. I plan to populate it.


My final Decide-O-Matic does not work which is really sad since it's been holding up on a USPS packaging label since June. (Sorry, Maddy)

I also damaged the Roland board during the run of my .dimension file. I am sure that the import from Illustrator ULP is the culprit! I will no longer use that ULP and instead use the Draw tool in Eagle.

Next Steps

I would like to finish the board file for the surface mount version of Andy's Patch Bay Anode Board. I would also like to populate my Through-hole LilyTiny.

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