Me And The Roland

08 Oct 2014

The Roland

Though I had a hiccup, I really prefer using the Roland to the acid etching process. I do know though I will need to etch some boards, partcularly small ones with surface mount components.

I plan to continue working on the LilyTiny-based design. I changed the components to through-hole and changed the shape. My end goal is to create boards based on the Lily Arduino that communicate with each other based on distance. For the final, I plan to present a populated version of my modified LilyTiny Arduino.

This is the second board, my Decide-O-Matic. I might present a poplulated version of this since the original is on paper and a little beat up.

I redid the Decide-O-Matic board, smaller. This time when I started the Dimension file, the bit cut into the base board of the Roland. Andy wasn't exactly sure what had caused the issue since it was only during the last pass toward the origin when the started going beyond the PZ-75 depth. I forgot to check for negative numbers in the coordinates listing, so that most likely is the cause.

I also need to get assistance when doing the MyLilyTiny board again. Since I haven't popluated the boards and just followed the instructions from Andy's office hours, I'm going to set office hours about making a milled-surface mount board of the next iteration.

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