18 Sep 2013

Reading is Fundamental

I started this week's lab assignments reading through several chapters from Practical Electronics for Inventors and The Art of Electronics. Coupled with what I learned last week, this exercise has been somewhat helpful. Also this video: Amanda Wozniak speaking at ToorCon. I have a head start on coding since I have been teaching myself for over two years now. I am definitely more comfortable being lost in JavaScript and Processing then I was when I first started. The same will be true for physical computing and electronics. I'm trying to swim, possibly sinking and I don't know where the shore is. Yikes.

example example

example I don't yet have a pair of wire clippers, so I used long jumper cables from another purchase. It didn't work; I was using one of my Arduino Unos. Is that why? Do I need to write some more code or is the way this is wired to blame? Or is that the Leonardo has some functionality that the Uno doesn't have? Vice versa? I just thought that the Leonardo had a lower processing power, so I guess a week ARM (is that it) chip.

I have had this issue before: the serial port/USB drivers are not showing up when I have written a script to get digital input/output to/from Arduino. I installed FTD2 drivers but those are not displaying the way as specified in the project's documentation.

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