20 Oct 2013

Glove Project Outline

First Stage

According to the position and movement the person's hands the video will either play forward or go backward. The positioning will be determined from an accelerometer. The meaning of the movement will switch after a number of movements or length of time. So, when the user determines that moving her right hand left rewinds the video, the video will return to default forward once the application receives X number of same signals.

Second Stage

The screen will vibrate according to video playback. When the playback position switches the vibration will change direction.

Third Stage

How near, far the user's arms are to the screen will focus, distort the pixels.

Major Questions.

--Will user's with poor vision or who can't see be able to hear the sound properly to determine forward and backward?

--Will the vibration supplement the sound, add another dimension to the experience?

--What reference will the application use to determine when to switch the playback?

--Is it appropriate to call them gloves?

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