Project Development Studio 2

06 Feb 2014


My project for this course is to construct a narrative that exists in a space that is at once boundless and bounded by itself. The narrative concerns a young woman who is in the process of reconfiguring her body and identity after a traumatic event. The story is formed from two parts: a wireless network that contains her collaged form; video split across three screens whose playback is controlled by the viewer-user-players' bodies. The network will be broadcasted within the room.

First Steps

Configuring the Body

Having gone through the project mapping exercise twice, I learned that the central component to the work is not the wireless network, but the character's body. How do make the body achieve the tension between the grotesque and erotic?

The project will definitely keep my interest for the entire semester. The central question is will I be able to complete the project within twelve weeks? Should I focus on one part? I would like to know rather soon if the two parts will be of a whole or just an overcomplication.

Is This Project Enormous?

I really didn't think so until I posted the notes to my blog. I have configured a captive network before using a router and Raspberry Pi, and the screen project is being built for another class as well. Reading back my notes in a neater form, costume seems important. Ample time needs to be given to creating an adequate piece, sketching patterns, sourcing materials. I haven't considered that within the project until now.

Is this project enormous: yes.

Project Map

Hunch - a networked room whose devices reveal a narrative - a wireless network that reveals a narrative

Freewriting - a narrative that is at once boundless and bounded by itself. - a shattered woman - there are people out there who buy things and then something bad happened. Something terrible. And the way that they saw themselves is gone - her identity is fractured; she is in the neverending process of putting it back together - a perpetual becoming and disintegration

Directed Expansion - she molds a mask and body of armor to piece herself back together - constant buzzing sound - could the suit be the network? - could the suit replace the network?

Scale - as big as room 50 - as small as my clothing - as wide as a wireless network - as big as a phone - as tight as a speed skater uniform

Forms - a suit - a networked room - a networked bra and underwear - a costume - series of photographs - a comic - a collage

Materials - a body - vinyl - pvc - pleather - plastic - router - synthetic fabrics

Affects - aroused - grotesque - paranoid - melancholy - absurd - funny

Verbs - arouse - force you to move - make you say gross - make you think about the space between your body and the thing that is grossing you out and/or arousing you

Motivations - make environments where people consider their body in space, in networked spaces - the network as metaphor for how we relate and now organize the world - need to articulate the perpetual disconnection I feel between my public self and my sexuality, my public self and how I relate to other bodies

Inspirations - Thierry Mugler, Les Insectes collection - The Narcissister - Patchwork Girl by Shelley Jackson - burlesque as a performance medium - Leigh Bowery - John Willie

Ideal Audiences - People who would go to a burlesque show - people who would go to see The Narcissister - People who appreciate Thierry Mugler's work - People who would go to the Costume Institute at the MET

Context/Location - a room with high ceilings - temperature controlled to make the room moist - a gallery or another space that is not a living space

Affinities - The Narcissister - Thierry Mugler, Les Insectes - Leigh Bowery - Shelley Jackson - Dita Von Teese, her fetish pin-ups - Adrian Piper - Francesca Woodman - Cindy Sherman

Affinites Project Maps

The Narcissister


Adrian Piper


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