Project Development Studio 4

12 Feb 2014

Prompt: How are you going to break down your work into managable chunks?

I went to Scott Garner's office hours, Making Things Beautiful/Making Beautiful Things and I am so glad. After Ken's feedback on my project map and Scott's advice on the project's aesthetics, I have a deeper understanding of how to divide the project into the biggest chunks.

Sensors: The sensors will trigger changes in the video, altering between clips to reveal the narrative existing in the space.

The server: the data from the sensors will be logged into the WLAN launched in the space.

Space: The room will be dark, but I need to consider the size. Height of ceilings, depth, width. For the prototyping assignment I focused on the objects that could be placed in the room. After speaking with Scott, I realize that the central element is the video. Going forward, I will consider how the images will be displayed.

Video: This is the most important part of the piece. I worry about getting bogged down by the technical aspects of the project and not leaving enough time and energy to execute these well.

Costume: To be included in the video. Dressing and undress is a theme within the narrative.

Scale Exercise

Flicker set of the items

All the objects

All Objects

A Body Form

Body Part

A Suit


Bits of Hair


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