Project Development Studio 7

13 Mar 2014

Midterm Presentation Link and Notes


A woman in three

Constant, happening all at once all the time

Embodying the grotesque sexuality and loneliness, no man brings the transformation

To Do: -- Pictures of the mask -- short cuts of the video -- images from video -- shoot more shots of "virgin" send schedule for milestones

Devin's Notes: -- Is the product meant to be absurd? Or, if this is possible, absurdly useful?

Rena's Notes: -- Canadian restrictions, so where will it be? -- SWOT analysis ==> Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats -- Does podcast influence or will effect it? -- Snaps for MOCADA

Julia's Notes: -- pulling video and images from the area -- geology and geography is now center -- a review sculpture that will be projected -- what kind of projections meet your goals for this project, meet the geology & geography? -- what kind's of images? what does the pulling of images mean? -- "the river is a model of geologic time"

Ken's Notes: -- an auroach is the precursor to the domesticated cattle

My Notes:

-- Fellini's 8 1/2, !watch!, Dolphina: the seemingly sexual woman
-- Think about tones: use color to increase tones -- bitten is still more vampire

-- how explicit do you want the narrative ==> a few minutes later Marina and Rena agreed that context should be explicit -- you should give a context so that people aren't just walking away thinking this is just a performance piece -- take a look again at Kenneth Anger

-- PUSH at the hair metaphor -- PUSH at the distortion so you are not constrained to your body

-- making manifest the tools at your disposal for the metaphor -- is the Viewer causing a disturbance?

-- gathering sounds: scratching, fly buzzing, water, 'sound of hair'

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