Project Development Studio 8

17 Apr 2014

A Series of Studies

      Feral     Powersuit     ???  

Creating an origin story. -BUT: Where is the character now?

What does she want?

Focusing on the original work.

I decided to move away from the the "Woman in Three" because I did not learn much more about the Feral and ??? characters doing the studies. I didn't learn more about the Powersuit woman, I

TO DO List: * recording voice * figuring out installation layout - done: will use PIR motion sensor(s) - Question now is how will I configure the sensors so that people move in a circle; is it important that they be directed to move in a circle or that it is revealed to them. How obvious will I/do I need to make it to people that moving pushes the narrative forward * figuring out costume - this is very time consuming: All of Monday will need to be devoted to this. Meaning I will probably film Tuesday after Bridging Worlds * Ambiguity Language * !Recurring Concepts Paper!

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