22nd Century Fetish

19 Sep 2014

Fetish Clothing for the 22nd Century

What will fetish fashion in the future look like?

That is my guiding question in research and what I will ask experts. I am reading Valerie Steele's Fetish: Fashion, Sex, and Power and am learning that I need to become more specific and pointed when I use the word 'fetish'. I am not covering the religiousand anthropological discourse (Steele p5). So no "tribal" Claude Levi-Strauss-ish. I mean modern "fetish clothing" and "fetish fasion"

Fetish Fashion: (my working definition) the clothing worn to arouse the wearer and deemed not appropriate for daytime by industrialized societal conventions.

"the invention of PVC was especially important because it made the 'wet look' possible, adding a new twist to the old enthusiasm for raincoats. As early as 1960, fashion designer Mary Quant did a wet-look collection."

In this research project about PVC, I am finding why PVC fabric has become a popular fabric for fetish fashions.

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