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11 Oct 2014

PSA Poster

Cyborg-manifesto - post-gender - cyborg as metaphor ?Is this transphobic; there are people whose sexual identity does not fit within the binary? - maybe her manifesto is more about the power dynamics

*The Dialectic of Sex * -

A post-colonial take - AI as indigenous to the digital world

We are cyborgs now

- pacemakers

Our System

What is the project's kin? - Barbara Krueger - Glenn Ligon

A series of government posters

Samuel Delany - pronous change depending on who the character is attracted to - very confusing to the reader

Are we deconstructing? Reconstructing anything? - posters that advertise becoming a cyborg a luxury, marketed to the very rich - luxury cyberknetic implants by Commes des Garcon




The Institute for Ethics & Emerging Technologies - Dan is writing to them

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