Notes from Andreas Bastian Lecture

30 Sep 2014

Andreas Bastian

3D printing research scientist, Autodesk

What group with the 3D printed body prosthetics? - worked on a mesh to that it would heat and cool easily (?) Mesostructure - auxetic deformation/behavior

Monoclastic{seen in nature Anticlastic } Synclastic (rarely seen in nature)

lawerence livermore national lab: design materials group

Autodesk is going to release a 3D printer with a photo resin

sarat babu: betatype

schocastic materials: a little random From Autodesk: project dreamcatcher - hones in on design with intent and then applies structure for that intent - optimization through algorithimic computation

DMG Mori;s 3D printer that prints metal

A loom printer, a continuous 3D printer prints on a conveying surface


there are pnuematic things that mimic resistors and transistors and such pnuematic: ==> already built into the machine power tools - as another option PCL is biodegradable Questions: (his lecture was incredibly hard to follow) - there is a huge opportunity to design the software tools ...

resistive force sensors


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