Class 6

08 Oct 2014

Systems exercise and then speaker:


Stefani Bardin

she brought a pill cam!

First Major Lesson: - You need to make it beneficial for the expert/scientist/whoever - Be very very clear what you what to prove and wht you are learning - persistance - address those next steps if you were to work with them - anticipate questions about what you might want

La Casita Verda - a place for articulating food systems to the public, located in Williamsburg - they are now remaking and re-mediating soil by planting crops that will suck out the toxins from the soil, remaking by composting

Sequestration - how to make these now toxic plants less bio-available

Microbes communicate similarly to the way neurons send messages

Marion Nestle, at NYU Michelle Simon, attorney that works on behalf on food labeling

Norman Gorlog: looking to feed the popluation after the US Baby Boom

Soft Subversions Naomi Klein's latest book

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