Class 4

24 Sep 2014

The Center for Genomic Gastronomy



Dark Matter: Art and Politics in the Age of Enterprise Culture by Gregory Sholette

Fake it until you make it

-Keep asking stupid questions - the power of artists is to ask questions in a way that scientists haven't thought of

Zach was asked to teach a class about culinary theory but had no idea about it - using color theory to study different shades of aubergine of eggplants

From Kat: Public Engagement

Editing Wikipedia - wondering how knowledge could be produced collectively - looking through the edit history seeing how knowledge gets contested.

Cisgenesis: scientists make up stuff and then create a history to support their work

Be careful what you wish for

Became a non-profit. Having a mission statement was helpful Definining keywords, having definitions was helpful as well. - it took two years of just making work to define genomic gastronomy

Keep questioning science and how scientific discoveries are treated as the solution to the world problems

Becoming Expert, staying Temporary

Making money is an issue


Forgoing irony

Takeaways: - giving agency to people attending the event - thinking about the future.

Fashion Institute of Sex Design Fashion Design Institute for Better Masturbatory Designs Rehm Coolhaus

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