Research 1

17 Sep 2014

From the reading, "Play as Research: The Iterative Design Process" Design is a way to ask questions. Design research, when it occurs through the practice of design itself, is a way to ask larger questions beyond the limited scope of a particular design problem.

Iterative design is a design methodology based on a cyclic process of 
       proto-typing, testing, analyzing, and refining a work in progress.

Another way of framing this problem is to ask, What is the activity of the game? 
Rather than asking what the game is about, ask what the player is actually doing 
           from moment to moment as they play.

Core Mechanic

First Week of Research

I spent most of my time this first week finding a point of entry into my topic PVC. Though my first instinct was fetish, I thought that that might be too easy, and that I wouldn't push myself to be uncomfortable. But time is running out. And I think that once I gain contact with my experts (listed below), I will make a discovery and find an opportunity to experiment. The following is just a series of brainstorms and collected images.

The Call


Eroticism Futurism ==> futuristic clothing

does mainstream fashion influence latex fetishwear or does fetishwear influence mainstream fashion?

fashion history important spikes in time around when PVC clothing started to be manufactured



(classification system; I guess this is the place where we work with the operations mentioned on the syllabus)


To Do: - find stores that sell latex/PVC clothing - Purple Passion - Trash & Vaudeville (according to Yelp.com) - re-read Fetish and the Art of the Teese - research John Willie

John Willie Research

Ideas of Objecs to make:

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