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23 Sep 2014

The preceeding and following documentation of this project has just been me recording my random thoughts on to a web page. A more concise essay will come, but I do strongly feel that these posts are an accurate reflection of my process.

Reframed Perspective

Not 'reframed' really, but now I have a vocabularly with which to further investigate my project, a wearable PVC vibrator that is not phallic. Andreas Bastian gave a guest lecture during Antonius Wiriadjaja and Francis Bitonti's 3D Printing Class. He spoke a lot about nano structures of materials and how they effect the use and application of those materials. I would not have had a vocabularly to use in a search about the mechanics of PVC clothing.

Some Experiments

I tried on some PVC clothes and interviewed a sales associate at the store.






Polyvinyl Chloride.

Whoop Whoop Whoop

Cheaper than latex but still

pretty expensive

Whoop Whoop Whoop

Cheaper than rubber

lined with polyester




Makes it soft

Everything is Phallus

In her book, Fetish, Valerie Steele describes the outfit of the dominatrix as a phallus. "Her entire body is transformed into an armored phallus" (p 169) Really?? "...the dominatrix often wears a corset, which is also a phallic symbol, despite being shaped like the female torso, since its boning makes it hard and stiff"

I am troubled by this assertion. Primacy on intercourse, penetrative sex.

Wearable Vibrator

Usually mean that a hand does not need to be constantly guiding the vibrator. "hands free" is a term often used.

Vibrator not for penetration but for touch.

(Soft Pneumatic Exoskeleton)[http://cwwang.com/2008/04/08/soft-pneumatic-exoskeleton/]: From an ITP Alum!!!! Skewee!

Andreas Bastian talked about the pneumatics being researched and developed in wearables as an alternative to resistors and other small metal components.

More Experts to reach out to: - sex therapists - assistive technologists - Marylou Naccarato
- Super-Releaser "soft robots for hard problems" (plionics ==> soft robots )

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